Meet Our Team

Erica Ricky Blaze

Born and raised in Boston, Erica Ricky Blaze is a graduate of The Boston Latin School and Boston College (BA). Erica has been a member of the Greater Boston Real Estate Community since 2016 and transitioned into Cannabis in 2019. In 2020, she launched The Blaze Estate to elevate the Boston Cannabis scene helping aspiring
entrepreneurs break into the industry and gain exposure to a growing
captive audience. In 2021 she plans to expand The Blaze Estate into a multi-state media enterprise and capture emerging Cannabis markets.

As a result of numerous inquiries and consultations, Erica created Blazington as a solution for Cannabis founders to connect with the investment capital they need in order to move their companies forward. Blazington also connects Cannabis founders with freelance creatives looking to expand their portfolio to the industry. Erica’s experience in strategic partnerships, negotiation and deal structuring are a great value add to the Cannabis space especially when combined with the weekly digital content of The Blaze Estate.

William Brown

William - has a corporate background in marketing and software development/implementation. He currently runs Ienjoyitmedia, a software and marketing firm based in the USA. William is a graduate of St. Johns University with a degree in Economics.