What is Blazington?

Blazington is a Cannabis Investment Marketplace that connects Cannabis Founders to investment capital. The platform also allows freelancers (graphic designers, photographers, digital marketers) and other creatives to connect with brands in the Cannabis Industry.


How does Blazington work?

Blazington is the Tinder of Cannabis Venture Investing. Founders and Investors swipe left and right to find the right “match.” Founders have the ability to upload their pitch decks and business plans to be evaluated by our vetted Investors. If there is a match, Investors will contact the Founders using the messaging feature. Freelancers looking for clients in the Cannabis Industry have the ability to post their portfolios on the platform and connect with Founders looking for their services. If there is a match, Founders will contact the Freelancers using the messaging feature.


What Makes Blazington Different?

Blazington is powered by cannabis content The Blaze Estate and Influencer Leverage which functions as a hub attracting Cannabis Investors, Founders and Freelancers. These three profiles have been approaching The Blaze Estate in hopes of being discoverable to the other. Blazington was created as a solution for Cannabis Investors, Founders and Freelancers to connect on a dedicated platform. Blazington enjoys unique deal sourcing ability thanks to the creative content on The Blaze Estate and the influence, reach and leverage of Erica Ricky Blaze.


Is Blazington right for my company?

Cannabis startups are in a unique position to legally operate at the state level while the plant remains illegal at the federal level. This leaves founders unable to secure traditional financing, forcing them to fund their startups by alternative means. Conversely, traditional venture investors tend to shy away from Cannabis companies due to fear, stigma, lack of knowledge or a combination of all three. Blazington brings the right niche investors specifically looking for Cannabis startups to invest in. Investors undergo a proprietary vetting process to ensure Cannabis Founders are shielded from predatory deal structuring. The goal of Blazington is to bring together amazing cannabis companies with awesome investors on an incredible platform.


Is Blazington available to companies based outside the US?

Yes. Blazington is available to companies based outside of the US looking for strategic partners in the US and Canada.