Blazington is a dealflow-as-a-service (DaaS) platform that connects cannabis startups to investment capital. Blazington enjoys unique deal sourcing ability thanks to the creative content on The Blaze Estate and the influence, reach and leverage of Erica Ricky Blaze. Due to numerous inquiries and consultations, Blazington was created as the solution for Cannabis Founders, Investors and Freelancers to find each other and increase the potential of the industry.


  • We believe in the potential of the Cannabis industry to create generational wealth for the various stakeholders involved.
  • Cannabis startups are just as worthy, legitimate and competitive as startups in any other industry.
  • Media and technology fuel each other in a symbiotic way that leads to exponential growth, network effects and economies of scale.


Blazington is the ultimate destination for Cannabis founders to connect with the investment capital they need to flourish and for investors to meet the best cannabis startups for their network. Blazington also welcomes freelance creatives to extend their networkto the Cannabis industry.


Increase access to investment capital for cannabis startups without the stigma, ostracization and predation of traditional capital raises.